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My name is Louise, I am the Moderator for The Limbic Region

"Emotion Central" in the Yahoo! Groups.  I wanted to take a

moment and introduce myself,  give a little background history,  

and give a few reasons for starting this Group & Website.  That

way,  you know who I am.  It is important to me for you to feel

comfortable in my Group.  Am I mentally disordered?  Yes,  I am

Bipolar,  and for those of you that don't know what Bipolar is,  I

go through phases of intense high energy of happiness or rage

to a flip side of down time of lethargy and apathy(complete

depression).  My Bipolar is rapid-cycling, which means I alternate

between the two states, in my case, pretty much on a weekly basis.

Thoughts are so fast,  they are hard to comprehend, they get so

jumbled.  My talking becomes fast and sputtered as if I can't get it

out fast enough. I will make unreasonable goals and

expectations,  and go for days without sleep.  In an angry state,  I

can wage wage war for days.  When I am down,  I have no energy

and find it hard to get out of bed.  I am restless and irritable,  and

little or no interest in the things that usually bring me

enjoyment.    I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder,

which is a diagnosis not an identity.  Major Depression,  

Generalized Anxiety Disorder,  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,  

and possible ADD.  The diagnosis of Bipolar has been established

since I was a child, my mother was "manic" also,  it is known to be

hereditary.  The Anxiety and the Depression were diagnosed 15

years ago.  The Borderline Personality Disorder and possible

ADD as of last year.  But anyway,  yes,  I have have multiple

disorders,  and that is commom among the mentally ill. The

Borderline Personality Disorder is not hereditary like the

Bipolar,  but a result of a traumatic childhood,  much due to

growing up with a Manic mother,  she had several overlapping

illnesses too. They say that alot of your key emotions are stuck

around a general age from some event. Causing issues such as

fear of abandonment, suicidal tendancies, etc., and although it

may sound alot like depression, it is more so, and very hard to

treat. They say it can overlap schizophrenia, however, I am not

dellusional nor do I have hallucinations. :) Now,  there is intense

therapy with the Borderline, but I don't even find that it helps. It

is almost as if the mental damage was too severe.  Now even with

the meds, the Bipolar swings occur, just not as bad,  and it dulls

the OCD, but doesn't make it go away, at least for me.  The

Borderline is the demon I face, no amount of meds has fazed that

one.  I am emotionally stuck at some point in my childhood.  So I

have developed this learned behavior over the years to get

through life.  I need to find the point where I am trapped in

childhood.  I have trouble differentiaiating reality from fantasy,

past from present, and maturity  from infantile.  When did I start

to forget things?  I cannot remember alot of my childhood.  I

remember lonliness, fear,  and sadness.  I don't remember being

loved, rocked,  or held.  I have a complete lack of emotional

expression at times,  with exception to anger, rage, and fear.

I am married almost five years now, with two little girls,

Savannah 2 years, and Gillian 8 months. I also have a daughter

that died, Madeline, Christmas nite of 1999. She was one month

two days old.  I have three step children, Jessica 14 years, Alicia

12 years, and Matthew 9 years.  My husband's name is Jim,  he puts

up with alot of my crap,  and vice versa,  we both came into this

with alot of luggage.  My mental problems,  and his ex wife.  She IS

a mental problem.  And she festers.  Anyone good with graphics

needs to make me a nasty festering mental glob.  She will be our

science project.  

Why did I start this group?  Because I am over sensative.  I see life

differently than others do.  Part of me is genetically messed up,

and the other part is due to events that happened over the years.  

I have to show others how to be with me,  how to talk to me,  what

not to say.  There are boundaries and lines,  and those can

change at any given moment.  It's about finding someone who can

deal with that without question,  without discrimination.  Being in

a safe place.  I know others feel that way too,  and want a safe

haven to go to.  And so I bring to you, The Limbic Region, "Emotion

Central" Website & Yahoo! Group. The Website is basically for

Additional information,  and if you would like to share something

you have written,  email it to me.  Also,  if you have a website and

would like to link up,  we can do that as well.  As far as the

Group,  that is for post messages with other people who are

afflicted with mental disorders.  You must sign up with Yahoo!

Groups to be a part of this service,  it is free.  The contact info is

on the contact page of this website.   Please send a post to

introduce yourself,  and tell a little about what your disorders

are.  I also like to ask that each member go to the files section

and create a file with their name to keep their original 'intro',  

and also copies of things like questionaires with their answers,  

so that newcomers can browse through and get to know you

without you having to rehash everything everytime someone new

comes into the the group.  That can be taxing,  and triggering.  


Welcome and Enjoy!


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